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Our Story

We are dental professionals (Over 100 years of combined clinical experience, and over 100 years of tech experience), and we had a goal to grow our practice cosmetic department fast. We knew we needed to show before and after mockups chairside to patients to score same-day treatment. We found that the doctor was so busy doing procedures that he could not do the mockups as we needed them, which was instant. The sizzle was gone when the doctor was ready to complete the mockup, and we sent it to the patient. Out of desperation, we began looking for an app that could do all of the variations we needed that were as good-looking as the desktop versions and could do it quickly. We found that no app does this in the dental market! We downloaded three apps on our devices to accomplish everything we needed, so we began using them. Once we did, the patient feedback was incredible. We saw a 60% increase in our cosmetic cases in 2 weeks, and at that moment, Presto Smile™ was born! As dental team members, we took control and began closing cases fast! With our patent-pending technology, you will have the same closing ratio with minimal work money-back guarantee* And no contract!

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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Smile

Presto Smile™  is where AI meets your smile and what could be.  The Presto Smile™ app offers AI-powered smile makeovers instantly and is a pre-visualization of the proposed dental treatment on the patient's image. No doctor is needed. The app allows dental team members to mockup smiles immediately and text or email before and after photos to patients to give them, their families, and friends a sneak peek of their new Presto Smile™ . Our app is a mockup and marketing tool to showcase your digital skills and adds the "wow" factor patients seek. Not only do you give your patient the theatrical reveal during the same patient visit, but it also helps build confidence and emotional affirmation towards the treatment plan and you!

Meet The Team

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