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Embracing the Future: Dental Hygienists and Assistants Empowered by AI-Powered Smile Mock-Ups


The realm of dentistry is undergoing a thrilling transformation with the upcoming launch of Presto Smile's proprietary AI technology in January 2024. This innovation brings a wave of excitement for dental hygienists and assistants, as they will no longer have to wait for the doctor's availability to access Presto Smile's advanced resources. Integrating AI into their daily workflow allows them to perform chair-side smile mock-ups, revolutionizing pre-treatment planning. This blog explores the pivotal role of the clinical team in this transformation and how it leads to more personalized treatment options, resulting in a significant increase in treatment acceptance rates.

The Clinical Team: Essential Contributors to Pre-Treatment Planning:

In traditional dental practices, dental hygienists and assistants often had to rely on dentists for smile mock-ups and personalized treatment options. However, Presto Smile's pioneering AI technology recognizes the clinical team as an integral contributor to the pre-treatment planning process. By providing dental hygienists and assistants with AI-powered tools, the clinical team can create chair-side smile mock-ups instantly, eliminating the need to wait for the doctor's availability.

The Power of AI Technology for Dental Hygienists and Assistants:

Presto Smile's AI technology empowers dental hygienists and assistants by equipping them with advanced tools to offer patients a more detailed and personalized treatment experience. The clinical team can use AI algorithms to generate accurate smile mock-ups in real time, considering specific patient parameters such as facial structure, tooth shape, and shade. This level of customization enhances patient engagement, allowing them to visualize the potential outcomes of various treatment options.

Benefits of AI-Powered Chair-Side Smile Mock-Ups:

1. Increased Treatment Acceptance: The introduction of AI-powered chair-side smile mock-ups revolutionizes the patient experience. By visually representing potential treatment outcomes, patients gain a deeper understanding of their dental needs and feel more confident in accepting the proposed treatments. This, in turn, leads to a significant increase in treatment acceptance rates.

2. Streamlined Pre-Treatment Planning: With AI technology, dental hygienists and assistants can work more efficiently by eliminating the need for the doctor's involvement in every step of pre-treatment planning. They can swiftly generate smile mock-ups during routine check-ups or hygiene appointments, saving patients and the clinical team valuable time.

3. Enhanced Patient Engagement: AI-powered chair-side smile mock-ups foster effective communication between the clinical team and patients. By visualizing potential treatment outcomes, patients can actively participate in decision-making, leading to improved compliance and a stronger dentist-patient relationship.

4. Personalized Treatment Options: Presto Smile's AI technology considers individual patient characteristics, ensuring personalized treatment recommendations. Dental hygienists and assistants can tailor treatment plans to meet each patient's unique needs and preferences, resulting in higher levels of patient satisfaction.


The imminent arrival of Presto Smile's proprietary AI technology in January 2024 generates excitement and empowerment for dental hygienists and assistants. The ability to perform chair-side smile mock-ups powered by AI revolutionizes the pre-treatment planning process, elevating the role of the clinical team. With advanced tools and resources, dental professionals can provide more personalized treatment options, significantly increasing treatment acceptance rates.

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