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Presto Smiles Patients

About Presto Smile™

Behind the Presto Smile Curtain

We are Presto Smile™, a cutting-edge patent-pending specialized AI-powered app designed for dental offices based in sunny South Florida. Our team of dedicated clinicians, tech experts, and marketing professionals is committed to delivering exceptional results.


Presto Smile™ is revolutionizing dental smile mockups with state-of-the-art technology. Recognizing the need for a fast, practical, and clinician-focused smile app in the dental community, we provide smile possibilities in 30 seconds or less*. Our chair-side app serves as a conversation starter for hygienists and assistants, helping to increase interest in both essential and cosmetic dental procedures.


Presto Smile’s mission is to empower dental professionals with proprietary AI technology to create a world of improved patient well-being and revenue growth.

Presto Smile Powered By AI Smile

Revolutionizing Smile Makeovers


AI Powered Smile Mockup


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